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      Sugimoto robot is located in the Songjiang District, which is known as "the root of Shanghai". The company is located in the G60 Corridor of Songjiang District, where the intelligent robot industry base is. The company is near the Hongqiao hub center where the transportation is very convenient.

Sugimoto robot is a technology company dedicated to providing intelligent and automatic robot production lines for manufacturing enterprises. At present, robot automation is mainly used in automobile manufacturing, new energy industry, electronics and electrical industry, rubber and plastics industry, food industry, biomedical, household appliances and other industries. After nearly ten years’ development, Sugimoto robot has accumulated rich experience in stamping, injection molding, glue painting, machine tool loading and unloading, material packing and palletizing, parts assembly visual inspection.

Since its establishment, Sugimoto robot has cooperated with many famous universities in China. Sugimoto robot pays attention to the cultivation of talents and research and development technology, it has obtained patents and software copyright several times. While strengthening internal R & D and design, it also pays attention to cooperation and technical exchange with domestic and foreign excellent robotics manufacturers.

Based on the application of robots, Sugimoto is bold in innovation. Through continuous improvement and technological innovation, it provides a stable and efficient robot intelligent manufacturing production line and robot automation equipment for China and the global countries. It will always do well in intelligent manufacturing research and development, design, and serve more manufactures, to make all factories intelligent!